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Threat, hazard, peril - a venture carried out without regard to possible reduction or injuries; "he saw the benefits but not the threats of crime"; "there was a danger he would do the wrong thing"

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By getting into your cell phone range, you expressly consent to receive a textual content message on the mobile phone. Typical messaging and details prepare costs may implement.

The Nasdaq crash and technology slump that begun in March 2000 shook virtually the entire venture funds marketplace as valuations for startup know-how businesses collapsed. About the following two several years, a lot of venture companies had been pressured to jot down-off massive proportions of their investments, and many resources have been significant "underneath drinking water" (the values with the fund's investments were being below the quantity of funds invested).

Dependant on much afterwards stories on the phantom island often known as Bacalao as well as the carvings on Dighton Rock some have speculated that Portuguese explorer João Vaz Corte-True found Newfoundland in 1473, but the resources cited are considered by mainstream historians to generally be unreliable and unconvincing.[fifty nine]

[fifteen] Frank clarified, during the 2006 Mark Foley scandal, "I think there is a ideal to privateness. But the appropriate to privacy should not be a correct to hypocrisy. And other people who would like to demonize other people shouldn't then manage to go home and close the doorway and do it them selves."[sixteen]

Outdoor adventurous activities are typically carried out with the functions of recreation or pleasure: examples are adventure racing and adventure tourism. Adventurous activities also can lead to gains in knowledge, including People carried out by explorers and pioneers – the British adventurer Jason Lewis, as an example, employs adventures to draw global sustainability classes from living within finite environmental constraints on expeditions to share with schoolchildren. Adventure education and learning intentionally works by using demanding experiences for Understanding.

A research released in early 2013 showed that contrary to preferred perception, European startups backed by venture cash never conduct even worse than US counterparts.

venture - an investment that is incredibly risky but could yield fantastic revenue; "he understood the stock was a speculation when he purchased it"

This round-the-planet voyage gave Spain beneficial familiarity with the whole world and its oceans which later on served in the exploration and settlement in the Philippines. Though this wasn't a sensible alternative on the Portuguese route around Africa[100] (the Strait of Magellan was far too much south, along with the Pacific Ocean also broad to address in an individual trip from Spain) successive Spanish expeditions used this information to explore the Pacific Ocean and learned routes that opened up trade concerning Acapulco, New Spain (present-day Mexico) and Manila during the Philippines.

The efficiency of outing like a political tactic is determined by the willingness of your media to report that somebody has been outed. The appearance of the web has created outing public figures a lot easier.

While the expression is current, the follow goes again Significantly even more. Outing was a standard place-down of Greek and Roman orators. Before the Christian era, sodomy was not unlawful in Greek or, most believe, in Roman regulation, in between Grownup citizens, but homosexual acts Stroll in between citizens ended up thought of satisfactory only under certain social situation. Both of those Romans and Greeks sneeringly considered vulgar the people engaged in People functions.

1 unique escapade sees him make a idiot outside of an area gang member who also loses a substantial amount of money in the method.

Inside the Television series Dragons' Den, a variety of startup corporations pitch their organization designs to a panel of venture capitalists.

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